The Alemannia German Society of Charlotte is open to everyone!

Members are not only German, but people of other countries as well that are interested in the German language and culture in any way—each reason for getting involved is as unique as the individuals themselves. The Alemannia Society regularly lets you know about upcoming events and activities in and around Charlotte throughout the year, whether they are Alemannia-specific or public events. Some of these Alemannia-specific events include:

  • meetings,
  • barbecue’s,
  • hiking trips,
  • picnics,
  • parties, and
  • Christmas gatherings.

Many newcomers to Charlotte make their first contacts through our organization that develop into strong friendships.
“The Old-timers” share their experiences and look back on many fond memories of this city. Some of the things that are discussed among Alemannia Society members are the advancement of the German language and culture, the sharing of information and employment opportunities, and business within the Society itself.
We cooperate with many other interest groups in the Charlotte area and we support regional organizations like the Deutsche Schule Charlotte.

Companies are offered opportunities to advertise on the website and by sponsoring events.