Dear Alemannia friends,

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our annual meeting on February 5. You can find some of the photos here.

We are planning for our annual Grillfest on June 25. More info to come soon!

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Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and the location of over three hundred German, Swiss and Austrian firms. At least two hundred of those firms have headquarters in Germany.

There are many other reasons to live in this amazing city and its beautiful surroundings. In Charlotte and the surrounding areas, there are almost ten thousand Germans and many people of various nationalities who are interested in learning the German language and culture. 

The Alemannia German Society of Charlotte is a non-profit organization aimed at introducing the German language and culture to the Charlotte area. The society supports the German School of Charlotte, which holds German classes on every Saturday throughout the school year and supports the area schools where German is taught.

Meetings are held for the members of the Alemannia German Society at different locations resp. restaurants. Throughout the year, the Society also participates in events in and around Charlotte, sometimes in conjunction with the Swiss Society of Charlotte and other organizations.

We are always excited to welcome guests and new members! Do you have questions? Let us know!